help pleas

help pleas

hey i really need some help please
i live in israel and im a big fan of pink.
because she will not come here soon and i really wanna go to one of her shows with the new cd "funhouse" so i asked my parents to get me a ticket so i can see her in london or liverpool but i dont know where i can find out the price of the ticket.
i will be very happy if someone can tell me how much it cost and where can i found out about the prices in more events.

thank you very much: shir.

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i know how you feel, cause pink is not comming to portugal soon too. anyway, if you go to google and put there the name of the arena where pink will be performing, you'll get to the arena page and there you can find the prices of the tickets. however, most of the gigs are sold out... but sometimes you can find ppl that are reseling their tickets at extremly expensive prices.
good luck Eye-wink

hope it helped