I need to find a signed Pink photo...please

I need to find a signed Pink photo...please

Please does anyone have a spare signed Pink photo.....Would go to a real fan. Please let me know if you can help. Thanks

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Lozza - I'm TOTALLY interested! I just assumed you figured...Oh well, we'll just mark that one as a miscommunication! BUT, please, there is NO hurry. I have wanted it for so long, I can wait a bit longer. And I hope you know how much I appreciate you doing it! Oh my God, I can't tell you!!! (Feel free to throw in an autograph, too)! Smiling Actually, I meant that as a joke, but that may look cool with it. Hmmmmmm........

I've only got a personalised one I'm afraid! Sorry! Sad What's it for?

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I didn't hear back from you re the tattoo design so I didnt think you were interested in it, but I also haven't had time to do it, work's been sooooo crazy this past few weeks! BUT, i have 6 days off soon, so might be able to sit and do it then!!

i've got the scans of the 3 photos she signed for me on my computer somewhere, oh no wait, they're on a usb stick, lol....now to find that usb stick, hmmm!

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Lozza! I just now have to read you have extras/copies! C'mon, girlfriend! And here I thought I was on the top of your list! Smiling

BTW, any success in the copy & pasting project for my tattoo?? No pressure...just asking! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas & New Years. I was snowed in & had to have surgery. Yuck. BUT, I got really good drugs!!!Smiling Hehe!

I can help you out, email me at nycgirl81@hotmail.com and I can send you copies of the ones I have Smiling

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