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pepsi2000uk 4 years ago

f*** OFF


Slim 5 years ago

I'm disgusted at all your abusive comments. You're all fans of a woman who advocates love and acceptance of every kind of person, yet you go out of your way to make someone feel bad? Not cool.

i_luv_u_pink 5 years ago

no way man i feel Disgusted to think that u look like P!nk not a chance u have a D*** for F*** sake


Pinkcheee 5 years ago

Thats an insult to P!NK! - I agree with 'bron76' Smiling

I'm not scared just changing.. Smiling

..."I always say I can kick ur ass if I have to but I'd much rather love you"...

This profile proudly presents the girl born at the exact same date as little Willow Sage Hart! Smiling

***Proud P!nkian believer ***P!nk's devilish hoe ***

pepsi1000 5 years ago

um... ur a thing a man no way not one bit