Adrenalin Days.

Adrenalin Days.

How can i love someone if i dont love me?
Im not being a big head, let me help you see,
Youv gotta live life for you right?
Live it to the fullest with no end in sight?
How can i do that if i dont trust me?
How can i do it, help me see,
I need to focus on my priorities,
Stop gettin with caught up with the cuties,
I dont really wanna settle down yet anyways,
Lets just live for a bit hav some adrenalin days,
Just say f*** it, and live on the edge
Walk,stand,lean right off the ledge,
Live with happiness and no regrets,
So meow motherf***ers, im pressin reset.

--Thanks for reading.. This is one i worte a while ago that i forgot i had, hope u like it. Milly

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thankyouuuu.. okayy il make sure i do that! (:


Hey, I feel exactly the same! lol Smiling
please read 'my letter' on the 'tell pink' forum - thanks Laughing out loud
April Smiling x