Alecia in the film Catacombs.

Alecia in the film Catacombs.

I watched this last night and I have to say, I think Alecia was a really good actress. But she treated her sister really bad in the film, and she deserved to die at the end with all those weird French people wahaha.
Anyway, has anyone else watched the film? She was a far better actress than I thought she would be. Better than some rock stars who have appeared in movies of late. I hope she stars in another film, maybe an action flick. I think she'd be good as a zombie killer, like Milla Jovovich in Resident Evil.

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OMG OMG OMG, i rly have to see this!!!!!! this is the only movie where she has a lead isnt it???

my dad loves p!nk, thinks shes the best female artist in the world ever.

# Get Him to the Greek (2010) (filming)

# Catacombs (2007) (as Alecia Moore) .... Carolyn
# Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle (2003) .... Coal Bowl Starter
# Rollerball (2002) .... Rock Singer


what other films was alecia (pink) in?

Good point EuroSiti!! my dad liked the point of Dear Mr. President, and i did that for my english project and got an A so that makes him happy. I kinda made him watch programmes where she gets interviewed and he likes that she is smart and isn't like Paris Hilton. And i showed him videos of the concert and he thinks shes an amazing singer!
so i guess he doesnt mind her, haha he just says it to annoy me.
big mistake though, i showed him the video of So What and he was like, "Is she a bit mental?"

I TOTALLY AGREE WITH U eurositi....exactly what i wanted to say....
and yeah never play so what!!!!

My guess is that average men at 40+ would like Pink if they knew her music. But they certainly don't like her chart hits such as "So What", "Don't Let Me Get Me" and "U + Ur Hand". Then it goes better with "Sober" and "Please Don't Leave Me".

They prefer her classic rockin' and bluesy stuff like "Eventually", "Free", "Misery" and "I'm Not Dead"... and (depending on their political preference) "Dear Mr. President".

So that's a place to start. (Remember: never-ever play "So What"!)

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my dad doesnt even know her....Sad

My Dad isn't a fan.
But he does like her, thinks she's an amazing singer.

We're all P!nk on the inside

my dad isnt a fan but he doesnt mind P!nk

It's no wonder I'm so Disconnected

Two dads in a row with who dislikes Pink. This calls for a think-tank to answer the question:
"How do we make mature men (40+) like Pink?"

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ouchies how did you break ur leg? aw that was so nice or ur dad!
yeah my dad says he doesnt like Pink just to annoy me!

well, what happened with the catacombs movie and me is,
I broke my leg, about a week it was due to me released, and I needed surgury, so I was in hosp, and I kind of lost track of time, as there were complecation, and I needed to stay in hosp for a week (yes I know, ages for a broken leg).
Anyhow, when I came home, my dad thought he'd try and do the nice dad thing, and went down to the DVD shop for me, and got some DVDs. Anyhow, he came back with all these really boring chick flick things, that i'd seen before and wasn't into....
Anyhow, he walked over to the DVD player and put one in, and cause I was on the lounge, I couldn't see what it was, anyhow, when it started it was Catacombs, he had organised it so I thought he'd got s***ty DVD's when really he had got catacombs, and the best part was, he hates pink so it was a massive thing for him to get it for me!
Also, it was a massive surprise, because I thought it hadn't been released yet, cause I was so out of it, from being in hosp for so long!

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Get Him To The Greek

A record company intern (Hill) is hired to accompany out-of-control British rock star Aldous Snow (Brand) to a concert at L.A.'s Greek Theater.

Jonah Hill ... Aaron Greenberg
Russell Brand ... Aldous Snow

Rose Byrne ... Jackie Q
Katy Perry
Elisabeth Moss ... Daphne Binks

Christina Aguilera ... Herself


Sean 'P. Diddy' Combs ... Sergio

Meghan Markle ... Tatiana (rumored)
Dee Snider ... Himself

Robert Seay ... Lewis


haha music4mylyf i totally forgot about the time difference and i was like WTF? its 12.20 and shes at school?? hehe i really dont think sometimes

LOL I enjoyed it, because I am into some of that psycological stuff!
Though I don't think she deserved to die, as she says, she didn't mean to scare her sister into insanity, it was all a joke!
Anyhow, it was good that she came back for a second time! I seriously believed she had died in the first 20 mintues!
I have to go to english now, But I will tell you the story of how I watched it, Its quite amusing!

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ooh i love horror films! new ones are getting a bit too yucky tho. i havent seen that film, is it out on dvd?

I havn't seen it yet.

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yeh she was an amzing actress in it... although i only wathed some of it on youtube coz it had bad reviews so just wathced the bits with her in lol... whats "get him to the greek" about- anyone???

and i still find it funny that pink doesnt like horror movies yet she was in 1... tooo funi!!!


Hey Zombieslut, Yes I watched that film, wasn't too bad. Pink played a good part. She was a bit out of order to her sister in it, if I remember correctly. I am not really into horrors though, I have an over active imagination & they play on my mind for days! lol. Yea I know I am a Wimp!

she was brilliant in the film, i only watch it cuz of her lol

It's no wonder I'm so Disconnected

iv watched both resident evil (all of them) and catacombs!!!
yeah pink is a really good acterss...but the movie was lame! lol
well,its p!nk...she should be in a very good movie with realy good actors...and of course she shouldnt die!!!
she is also going to be in "Get Him To The Greek" in 2010!!!!