Thoughts I’ve been having
Leaving me to wonder
Where I am going
To where am I headed

Why does it seem I’m lost
Without a plan
Without a purpose

The inner strength carried from youth
Offers now no solace
Only doubt
Doubt in the self
And doubt that any would care

Care to know
Care to feel
Care to love the broken child

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Stop doubting yourself, its a waste of time.
Its always better ahead once u hit the bottom.
Talk to ur friends and family. Talk to strangers on the bus.
Share ur love, pain everything and ur prayers will be heard.
I heard you Smiling xx


I love this! Good job!

"Get this party started on a Saturday night

Everbody's waiting for me to arrive

Sending out the message to all of my friends

We'll be looking flashy in my Mercedes Benz

I got lots of style check my gold diamond rings

I can go for miles if y

may i sugest a..... chorus

I hope you dont mind me doing this...thank you

theres doughts in my head
leaving me to wonder
does any body care
i dont know where im going
theres just dout out there
just dout out there
give me the strength
oh please give me the strength
to carry on
yeh to carry on
give me the strenth

i feel you on this completely ive been outta work since january this year i feel like everything i put my work sweat blood n heart in2 backfires on me (not trying to b religious here) but ive cried n prayed to GOD n s*** still blew up n my face i know how it is to b at rock bottom n feel abandoned