F***ing Pefect

F***ing Pefect

The other day, I was watching the video to F***ing Perfect and I notice the lead girl in the video. She looks realllllly familiar. Does anyone know the girls name?

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mamabear2011, the guy in the video is Brad Norling. This was the first thing he has been in.

she was also in Nepolian Dynamite. I was thinking the same thing when i first saw the video, but i had never seen any of those other movies. I definitely recognized her from Nepolian Dynamite. And also this movie called Andre I used to love when i was a kid.

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i was trying to find out who the guy in the video was. I thought he looked a lot like Dr. Phil's youngest son.

It is "Tina Majorino", she played in movies like "Waterworld", "Corinna,Corinna" or "When a man loves a woman", that's why u probably have seen her before. Smiling

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