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Moon and Stars 2010 - Locarno (CH) - 12th July 2010

Moon and Stars 2010 - Locarno (CH) - 12th July 2010

WoW P!nk at the Moon and Stars...

this show will bi great... the location "piazza grande" is one of the impressive location that i've ever seen of the world ..

check it out and come to the amazing show.


we are a small country - but a huge fan of P!nk !!!!

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I've seen Locarno is a very beautiful place, unfortunately I could'nt go there because it's to far, and i will in France,but I will see her in Bern, can't wait to be the 10th of July, hope it will not rain!

Can't get never enough of P!nk.

L.O.V.E U 2 MY V.I.F

I will go to pink @ moon and stars Smiling and two days earlier Stade de Suisse Bern!PARTY!!!