New album next year?

New album next year?

I was looking on digital spy and found this - Does anyone seriously think she'll release one early next year? I still think that's a bit early, maybe late 2012? Coz if shes gonna release one early next year surely she would have to go back in the recording studio pretty soon?

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Have to say I'm with amoorerocks on this one. Our girl will definitely hit the studio again, when she's good and ready. She has just had a serious change introduced into her life by a lovely little someone (Willow) and a mother can't be proud and NOT TALK ABOUT IT, OR SING IT TO THE WHOLE WORLD. Just give her time. Let Carey and Alecia be parents. Willow won't be small forever. Kids have this wonderful thing...where they grow extra fast. They don't stay cuddly indefinitely.

The good thing is...I am waiting for Alecia to capture these precious moments in time through her songs. She's terrifically skilled and will pull this off, no problem. So I'm rooting for her next it reflects upon her new role as a mom.

@amoorerocks: And hello, there!!! It's been a long time since I've seen your name pop up. Eye-wink

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I hope P!NK does tour next year and brings Carey and Willow with her.X

she has said herself she cant wait to get in the studio, so once carey can look after willow when he has time off am sure she still be in the makin again! im sure i heard somewhere she's meant to be startin again around march or somethin Laughing out loud!! i cant wait <3<3<3

I think if she does it would be middle of next year as willow is only 2months and I cant see her tearing herself away from her just yet.dont think we'd mind waiting.cant wait to hear how the album turns out and to see her tour. Rock on P!nk,Ur bad ass!!

does anyone know when pink! will be tourin again? an do you think she will be comin to the UK? i hope she does like Smiling >.<

I think this is actually quite likely...She has had Willow now and she expressed throughout her whole pregnancy how she was dying to get back into the studio and get back on tour.
I think early to mid 2012 is a realistic time frame.

I'm really looking forward to the way in which motherhood has inspired her musicially and the type of the music and artistic direction she takes

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