Night time thinking

Night time thinking

Why do I cling to anger
as the numb pain dies away
from keeping me awake
on long nights
with nothing on my mind
they call it teenage angst
they say it's just hormones
all I know
is i'm trapped here
for a while
and its cold

thats why I cling to anger
it makes my blood pump warm
through my veins
I want to cause pain
but dont know who set the course.
so I
punch and punch and punch and kick
till my knuckles are bruised
and feet are tired
so now I sit here and write

but its not over
and im not done
I want to run
but dread to flee
so I stay and fight
against sleep all night
for you cannot capture me

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I think i am slowly loving this skill you have
if only the inside of me can let goooooo
loving you and yours