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Permission to Quote Pink! Lyrics in a Charity book for Bipolar UK

Permission to Quote Pink! Lyrics in a Charity book for Bipolar UK

The book is a collection of Art, Poems, Thoughts and Lyrics created mainly by amateurs although we have a contribution from Mr Stephen Fry as both Katy and I worked on the Stephen Fry Manic Depressive forum.

Boy George's music has been very important to helping me live with my bipolar and overcoming childhood trauma. Especially "Victims" - line "Push Aside Those that Whisper Never". I would like to put some quotes from a selection of his songs in the book if he will give permission. All that there will is the quote - by whom and a link to his official website (or more promo if you wish).

There are going to TV and radio promotions as well as significant social networking chatter including some from Stephen Fry who has over 15 million followers.

I really hope you can help.

The books is in its final stages (i have attached a copy) I can send a final version for approval - no approval no printing. Permission if for this book ("Purple Girl") only.

we want to go to print before 20th March 2012 so we can get in before the anniversary of Katy's death.

Any questions please just ask.

Many thanks again
Amanda Groves

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