Shut up b****!!

Shut up b****!!

You should shut your mouth
before i throw you away to the south
you poke your nose everywhere
and how I feel you don't care

This is not the first time it happened
It's sorrow and anger inside me you have pinned
I already feel shit but you make me feel worse
it's you that i want to curse

It's him that you defend
but to me its pain that you send
why do you protect him?
by this you make my life so dim

Mind your own business
cuz you can't even stay without a penis
After a month you broke up
you found someone else to shove it into your p****

So don't feed me your bullshit
you always talk so loud
but nothing cool comes out
Let me live my life as I want
with you I am not fond

Don't dare to judge me
You dont know how I feel
and with my life i don't know how to deal
Don't you talk shit about my friends
Right now I want to punch your teeth with my hands

Since you appeared on that TV show
your head started to grow
and you became wicked like the crow
Who do you think you are?
I want to hit you with a car
Stay away from me and dart away so far

You are so full with yourself
Be carefull cuz one day you may fall on a shelf
I won't be there to help you
cuz you deserve to be hurt
Its my lesson that I've learned
You don't appreciate what I've done for you
So I am not gonna be there to lift you up

Instead of making me feel better
you make my happiness fly away with its feather
You are not a friend but an enemy
It's a war you want
It's a war you get
Hope one day you get trapped in a net
Hope one day you feel worse than I do
Hope one day you it's your fat mouth that you glue
Hope one day you end up alone
Hope one day your tongue will be hard like the stone

Fuck off bitch
hope your hooker it's,you that will ditch
Next time you talk,I should close my ear
Whome form you,I have no fear

Your tongue is so long
someone should step on it
so that again you won't talk
Hope sorrow it's,you that will stalk.

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been a while we havent talked euh? =/
what happened? Sad

--P!nk's funny hoe!! --
...♪I'm not Dead F***ers!!! ♪♫...
^^Amen, long live to P!NK!!! =D^^
3> love ya'll my 3 VIF <3

--P!nk's funny hoe!! --
...♪I'm not Dead F***ers!!! ♪♫...
^^Amen, long live to P!NK!!! =D^^
3> love ya'll my 3 VIF <3