What song are you looking foreward to?

What song are you looking foreward to?

I really hope this hasn't been posted before. If so, sorry.

I'm most looking foreward to hearing Sober performed live. I'ts an amazing song and I just know Pink will do it well live.

It';s also gonna go off when she play So What which I'm really looking forward too.

so how about you guys.?

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Bad Influence, Funhouse and Glitter In the Air are the 3 from Funhouse I would love to hear live.
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hey Smiling ,

I dont care about it ... luv all of her songs and I agree with zeeba the best is to perceive it all wiht her smile, fun ... incomplete Smiling

bye Ela

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I'm with EuroSiti, I'm hanging to hear When You're Through, You're Through and OMG, Unwind and Waiting For Love from my fav - Try This. Bad Influence, Funhouse and Glitter In the Air are the 3 from Funhouse I would love to hear live.

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It's true Zeeba, you can see she really has fun whole the time!

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I'm looking forward to the moment when she looks at the audience and smile...Smiling

When she's at stage she looks like a kid in a candy store.

It's really cute........

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Well off course all of them! But one of my faves on the album is bad influence. God i can not wait! We're going in a pink limo as well!!!!

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Think she did all the songs on Funhouse in Nice - some in an acoustic set and one in the air - not saying more! Also did Who Knew - one of my faves, so was really happy, and Get the Party Started, covers of Bohemian Rhapsody and Led Zep, Babe, I'm Gonna Leave you, which was AMAZING. I hope I am not giving anything away for those who want the suprise - put a big spoiler alert but not describing the set or anything Smiling

I reckon so what and bad influence will both be a group singalong with the crowd. I am hanging to hear funhouse tho. I wonder if she will have clowns as part of the act... I hope... hehe (ok my partner's 15 yr old niece is scared of clowns... well serves her right for watching a movie when she was too young to understand!)

I hope she sings I don't believe you. That's probably my favourite song along with glitter off the funhouse album.

I wonder what - if any covers she will do.

June can't come quick enough... I am just as impatient as my partner's 6 yr old niece who we are also taking to the concert!

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All of them,

does that count as an answer??



she's done One Foot Wrong and Funhouse live quite a few times, and they work really well. LOVEEEE the bass in Funhouse!!

Bad Influence would be good to hear live tho, to see how the band can put it all together Smiling

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can't wait to hear that one live, it'll kick some serious ass!!!!

Sober is amazing live, just breath taking!

and I hope she does Killing Me Softly on the Funhouse tour, it was great hearing her sing it during Promo!!

I'd also love to hear Crystal Ball and Glitter In The Air!


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Just Like A Pill is always a great performance!
I cant wait to hear every song that Pink sings cos she is such a good performer I cant wait to see her live again!

Of course she'll sdo u and ur hand.

it was one or her biggest songs.

You're right though.

She always performs Just Like A Pill really well live.

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I can't wait for the 'silence' part in Sober.
that will be mad lol.
Funhouse is awesome live! well in martin place it was awesome.
I Love 'just like a pill' live too - that was so good at IND.
i agreee with bad influence Laughing out loud
U + UR Hand is great live too, but i doubt she'll do that one.

aaahhhh there are soo many... dont let me get me is always great allong with just like a pill, trouble and cuz i can. as for funhouse, i think bad influence and funhouse wold be great to jumo around too, ava mary a will be brill, i love mean itd b good with just her an an acoustic guitar, umm i think boring is fun too. but you know the audiance is guna go so mad for so what... it will be brill!!!


um i know this is random but i've always wanted to hear Conversations With My 13 Year Old Self. i know for sure that she won't do it but that is like my dream.

but for the new album (funhouse), i would like to see p!nk sing and play guitar to iI Don't Believe You. i know she has already done that, and it's on youtube but i wanna experience it in person. and i think Bad Influence will be a fun one to watch. and i want to hear It's All Your Fault, Ave Mary A and Glitter In The Air.

I think that "One Foot Wrong", "Funhouse" and "Bad Influence" are difficult to perform live. The songs contain many off-key notes that really requires perfect sound, not just from Pink but from the whole band & choir to sound right.

"So What" will be a singalong, while "Sober" also might be good, even though I think the album version is so intense and packed with atmosphere, that it'll be hard to reproduce during a concert.

On the other hand, I think "It's All Your Fault", "Please Don't Leave Me", "Ave Mary A", "I Don't Believe You", "Mean" and "Glitter in the Air" will all be amazing performances.

Apart from the Funhouse album songs, I would also love to hear "When You're Through". It's very naked and very Pink.

From the older albums, I'd like to hear "Waiting for Love" more than anything else.

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Yeah bad influence will be great live!....so will Funhouse.

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I am really looking forward to seeing Bad Influence live. It's a great song and should be heaps better onstage. Sticking out tongue

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i wanna hear funhouse and bad influence they should be full of energy

ba da da da da da Sticking out tongue

ba da da da da da Sticking out tongue

I'm looking forward to hear Sober and lots of the other songs. but especially sober (an always looking forward to hear fp..Eye-wink )

oh and I bet funhouse will be great too