Your music hits home hard for me

Your music hits home hard for me

P!nk... 1st (and most important).. Congrats to you and Carey on your baby girl! My MX guy love you and your MX guy!

Your music has touched places deep in my soul that I have never let anyone go to or know about! MissUnderztood kicks it off, and is a staple CD for me. Every single song speaks about my life and a part of me. I am a true reflection, "Like a Pill", "Numb", "18 Wheeler", "Misery", and of course "Family Portriat". I can't listen to Family Portrait without bursting to tears, which by the way is not a good thing to do when your doing 80 down the freeway! (hahahaha!!!). Today I saw your latest song and accompanying video "f***ing Perfect". WHOA! There I am yet again.... And.. so it is my daughter as well... well more exact to my daughter than me tho. There I sat at my desk at work.. tears streaming down my face totally relating in more than just 1 way. My daughter (like me) was a cute kid who went through bullying, so horrible! And then to top it off.. idiot me (before I learned to break the cycle) tried to make her conform to what I've been raised to believe, only to almost lose her. I have since changed my ways and realized that's what I went through, and what I should not do to her. But what really ripped my heart out was the bathtub scene.. you see (like me when I was young) my daughter tried to kill herself with pills and cutting herself. We both have done a lot of counseling and both have grown. My daughter still slips into deep depression now and then, and it takes a lot to talk her down off the ledge. Some of the times (I admit) are my fault as I try to push her to be and do her best, when she just still wants to be a child or lazy. There are still times she brings that knife into the bathroom with her.. or even threatens me with it and it scares me to death. She is my only child... my heart and my soul!! I could not bear to lose her. Deisha (pron: Day-Sha) is a beautiful woman. Her name is Latin for "God's Gift", and she truly is God's most beautiful gift to me and my hubby. Deisha is currently a college student at Full Sail U. She is going for Computer Animation. She is an Artist in every aspect (including the messes everywhere). She draws, paints, and sews costumes of her favorite characters, especially Anime. She's a well known (almost famous) CosPlayer at all of the Florida anime conventions. She is really good, and someday I know she's going to make it just like the girl in your video. Truly, a freaky parallel.

I wish you, Willow and Carey love and all the very best. Enjoy your baby girl... and give her all the Love and Understanding you can. And a little secret that really helps me and my hubby when Deisha does something bad.... Before we discipline, yell or even get mad we always try to remember.. Hmmm I think I did something like that.. maybe even worse. If that don't work, then we remember that when she was born, she did't know anything, she is what she has learned.. it's not truly her fault... it's probably mine. Then.. you just can't be mad. Right??!!!????

Love & Peace my friend
Angela Strater
PS: Please get your ass to Orlando (or anywhere in) Florida so I can come see you in Concert. Even my hubby said he wants to see you Rock!

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