A Look Back at London...

A Look Back at London...

Remember last month when P!nk took part in that massive karaoke sing-a-long in Trafalgar Square?

Yeah. Us too. That was pretty cool, huh. *Sigh...*
As awesome as that was, though, there's no need for nostalgia just yet! Be sure to stay tuned for more outrageous antics from the rest of P!nk's record-breaking Funhouse tour as she continues her journey down under and eventually makes her way back to the U.S. of A.!

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Flynn123 5 years ago

Is p!nk doing a new album 4 next year and if she is will she tour it?

Holly Flynn Laughing out loud XxX

margaritagirlie 5 years ago


she is 3 years old - in the video only 2 though! - and P!nk is her Idol!

she can't wait for her to come back to the UK - am taking her down to Manchester (From Aberdeen) to see her!