Stay Sober. Whats your New Years resolution,

Stay Sober. Whats your New Years resolution,

Hey Guys,

We at P!nk Headquarters are all staying T Total to support the release of the amazing Sober next Monday January 19th and we were wondering what you are all doing for your New Year’s Resolutions.

Are you staying Sober? Are you staying off chocolate? Are you exercising more? We’re looking for the most interesting New Year’s Resolution from you guys to feature on the site.

Let us know in the comments section of this news piece!
The best New Year's Resolution will get a signed copy of the Funhouse album!!

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viki_82 6 years ago

I'm giving up, giving up!
Life's too short and you only live once!
As long as i'm happy and healthy(ish) thats all that matters!

strent87 6 years ago

My new years resolution is to not hold grudges. I have a tendancy that if someone doesn't treat myself and others with respect then I will hold a grudge and not speak to them as I don't feel that they talk in an appropriate manner. However, I recently held a grudge against my nan, and hadn't spoke to her in eight weeks, and then on Monday 12th Jan she passed away. I have now decided that holding grudges is not worth the effort because you may never get to reconcile with the individual and may never see them again.