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Crazy_hart 6 years ago

Miles from the start would i ever do the same things again?My dreams and hard word have made me what i am . The lights of the big city can blind you from the past and you never know will it all be enough will the fame and money always last.I wont say that it has not changed me but that would not be the truth.You can't work in this town without standing up and lookind out for you.I don't wont rules i never have. And the roads i will take now will be my own path.You my wont to play but keep one thing in mined you have never played with a women like me because i truly one o a kind.

melissa Hart

PINK-7 6 years ago

Ha can you post that pic on my page please ? thank you x x x x
that is so cool

I love p!nk

P!nk The 1 & Only