listening to a new song yet the backround has you hearing old songs.

remember one episode of punkd. had something to do with a spears friendship. still think alan funt though.

guys dressing like girls are looking better and better than girls themselves or is it the attention. or people are lying about the crisscrossing.

i dont know.

Laughing out loud

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pinkhobbit only if they dont fly like eagles

remember the triangle
dr doris the living legend
pinkrawks/dippo can get bent but i love poepy/dipclit

"Pink was a very unique teenager, and went through phases as a skateboarder, hip-hopper and gymnast. She spent several years as part of the club scene in Philadelphia, singing guest spots and performing for talent shows. At the age of 13 she was asked ..."

wow... so much water

...under the bridge


so lkets knock out some more hits ?