Hello all you Brissie fans, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

I am taking two weeks holiday to party in June can't wait for the concert!! I wonder where Pink is staying this year- I think (even after 4x tickets) I could afford a hotel room lol or, I do have a couple spare rooms for Pink and crew......I was also thinking a pre-pink party in brisbane before the 1st show would be awesome.

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id really like to go to the hotel to see if i can get an autograph
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hey guys, im going to the 16th june show. anyone else? did you end up figuring out where shes staying this year? id really like to go to the hotel to see if i can get an autograph

p!nk rocks my socks!!!! and my jocks!!!!
my little red engine says: i think i can... i think i can!!!

had seats last time so ,GA for this tour as well Smiling which will be awesome, hope to get right up front!! last tour GA looked half empty-don't know if this is a safety thing or what.
Theres not many tickets around now, unless you pay $$$$ on ebay....or win them on the radio lol. I'd like to know how to get backstage passes!

first 2 nights so far for me Laughing out loud both in GA, but hopefully will be able to get some gold seated tickets too for another night.
I'd LOVE to go to all shows Sticking out tongue

going to first and last, so far! you?

hey, which show/s are you going to?