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Fulvic 5 years ago

The energy just spread accordingly to everyone who watches. Pink is the best for the job. I love her much! Fulvic Acid & Organic Super-Foods

GorinSR 5 years ago

I love you to the end. This pic is also one of my favorites. Good luck Pink! You have a bright life and career. used car buying

Corinnne84 5 years ago

She has it all to be acknowledged internationally. Great appearance, great performance, the two makes a tango. Good luck Pink. We luv u!

taozawa 5 years ago

I'm a big fan of Pink. I watched the Pink concert last year and it was truly amazing. She is a true artist... and I love her

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Infogrok 5 years ago

So energetic and alive, Pink is just a perfect figure for the audiences, for those who love a liven performance fro the best talents. Good luck! InfoGrok Pharmaceutical Industry News

idoug1 5 years ago

Any one know how i can vote higher than 5 stars.


Building 5 years ago

I ever watched the video before. What song was it? Just forget.. You are my all-time favorite Pink! Link Building

Suri86 5 years ago

You are so beautiful and energetic. I don't what else to say. You are just the best and low profile of all! I have your videos too and really enjoy watching them! cheap auto insurance

Ccjjoo 5 years ago

I love the jacket! Pink is so perfect on this show. I like all the songs, suits, dances, and all! hgh anti aging

lisarey 5 years ago

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hayda 5 years ago

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jibran_pcc 5 years ago

best show ever I've been 2x but would love to go again
Channy Smiling

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jibran_pcc 5 years ago

This is like the best picture everrrrr!!
I like love love love pink. D:

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WebHosting86 5 years ago

Love this shot! She is so energetic and fresh. I like her suits, and it's beyond question for the performance. Good luck! hosting

Personal 5 years ago

Anyway, you are so good at choosing the official photos, lol.. Pink looks best in each of them. personal development reviews

Penny86 5 years ago

I hope Pink will be doing right for the next round. Good luck with the stage performance. She is the best! Penny auction - entertainment shopping

rizt 5 years ago

pink looks very cool. Pink is a singer who has a good voice and good for the hearing. liric song was delicious. I want to see the concert pink. when pink will hold a concert again? I will not miss the concert pink.

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supplier 5 years ago

Really an adorable singer! Only Pink can get such trafficking fans without having to leave her own style.
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jibran_pcc 5 years ago

i listen to ur music every day all day i just cant stop listening to ur music i just recently went to ur funhouse concert and u had me in tears cause i absolutley ador u and ur my celebrity hero!! my favorite singer of all time!!!

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IPPhone 5 years ago

Pink looks so perfect in the jacket and pants. And the media always know how to take the best shots out, lol.. Voice Over IP Phone Service

Ottoman 5 years ago

Everything about Pink is just amazing! I think no other celebrity can be as unique as she is. Love you! julian bowen bunk beds

Jacksonville 5 years ago

Pink is my favorite singer and a true rock star. Hope you will hold a concert in my country. I will certainly be there! apartment for rent jacksonville

Arcflash 5 years ago

Combination of beauty, talent, nice suit, and obvious sensation. That is Pink. I love you full! Arc Flash Analysis

Spiritual 5 years ago

This pic is also nice because Pink is just casual there. I love girls dressing casually. And she has a bonus: talent! Spiritual Forums

Costumes 5 years ago

What a lovable pic! I love the way she looks so energetic and fresh. Only Pink can do that with no much demand.
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Medela 5 years ago

I would say that I like this pic best from all Pink's official photos. It is so alive, energetic, and hot. She is the best! Best regards - Medela breastpump

inaz 5 years ago

i sat to the right of the stage, great views biut the camera battery died too.... was a FANTASTIC show wasn't it, the end was great when she was soaking wet and damaged her mike Eye-wink

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Dental 5 years ago

Being so energetic, I think there is no reason that she can get out of the stage. Despite the many new comers in the industry, I believe Pink will always eb an exceptional one. Good luck! dental plans

jibran_pcc 5 years ago

P!nk, you were incredibly stunning in your Perth performance.
It was the most entertaining concert I've ever been too.

You're simply an inspiration and sensational Shocked)
Keep it up!!

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fatlossxpert2 5 years ago

Pink looks damn good!

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dely 5 years ago

pink looks very pretty and sexy. I really like the pink. when I could see pink? I'd love to see the Pink concert. When is pink concert? I'd love to see the concert pink, I would not miss it.

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jibran_pcc 5 years ago

you are so beautifull, j'adore! I seen you in Nice, and on 1 May I will be the O2 arena in London to see you again!

Alecia I love you so much, your voice and songs enjoyed all my days

thank you for all that you do

your frenchie fan who follow you everywhere!!!!

every where you'll go; every where i'll go


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Pinkfan1994 5 years ago

Hey P!nk,

i love your music.
See you.

See you.

Pinkfan1994 5 years ago

Hey P!nk,

i love your music.
See you.

See you.

jibran_pcc 5 years ago

pure mental pic!!! i was front row end of runway at aberdeen funhouse tour on 13 april 09 threw a black tshirt reading " what kinda man makes cappuccino (i really got s*** for that line") really hope u got it! best time of my entire life!!!!! bring on glasgow in october!!!! much love xxx

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emrez 5 years ago

When did Pink will hold a Concert Again! I want to see the Pink concert. Pink costume during concerts Very interesting. I really admire that Pink's voice is unique and special. I hope Pink will be concerts in Asia, and I would not miss it.

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robyz 5 years ago

I think, very rare singers like Pink. I really like the singer is tomboyish but still has a melodious voice. I do not see this concert, unfortunately so. I will not miss the Pink concert at the America region. I am waiting for information the latest concerts Pink.

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andrez 5 years ago

I'm a fan of Pink since junior high. Pink's voice and character is unique, so it is easy to remember. When did Pink will hold a concert? I hope Pink will hold a concert in Germany. I will not miss the concert.

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tranz 5 years ago

I've followed twitter Pink. It makes me able to get the latest information about the Pink every day. I really admire Pink, I like the Pink characteristics that differ from the others. very rare female singers like Pink. I am waiting for the latest concert information Pink.

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udenk 5 years ago

I really like the pink. I was one pink loyal fans. I always watched Pink concert in Asia. I was waiting for the concert attendance Pink in Asia again. at concerts Pink looks very cool. seemingly very energetic. moreover, a costume that is used is very unique.

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Dmitry Ruseckiy 5 years ago

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savery 5 years ago

Haven't had the good fortune to see you live yet, but just saw yr DVD of yr show in Sydney.......fanbloodytastic!! Next time yr in Oz, I'll definitely be getting tkts.xxxxxxx

badz 5 years ago

I'm a fan of Pink. Pink songs very good for the hearing. I really like the Pink at concerts. With technology advances, I can get the latest news about Pink at this website ..

artz 5 years ago

pink in concert performance is also very good, I really like the pink concert directly. These pictures are very good. I love these pictures.

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gail24 5 years ago

gail i don't think you eat too much cheescake or ice cream with a body like that,my god so HOT. love you PINK.


joturner 5 years ago


tart 5 years ago

totally gutted was unable to get tickets for birminham uk as they sold out on first day
watched it on mtv today was totally awsome lved it xxxxxxx

ilseken 5 years ago

Lots of people admire you!
and they have a realy good reason!


Pinks biggest fan xx 5 years ago

Wish i had a body like urs Pink!!!! I think ur awesome and so is ya music !!!!!!!!!!!!! Got all ur songs, i luv ya that much!!!!!!!!!!!!! C ya in Birmingham on the 30th !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oxoxoxoxoxoxox

P!nks no 1 fan

channy jones 5 years ago

best show ever I've been 2x but would love to go again
Channy Smiling

Channy Smiling