Who Knew

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SommerNichole 2 years ago

Miles may you rest in peace till we meet again <3

Show your heart, not your hate.

I love GP 2 years ago

I love this song. I can see her almost crying, because, from what I've heard, she wrote this song about her boyfriend who overdosed + died when she was 14. "That last kiss, i'll cherish, until we meet again" kind of defines this song. Sometimes when I sing along, I cry because I remember my boyfriend, Logan Wardner.


fran_lucas 3 years ago

This song is very powerful. At first I thought it fit my situation very well because I was going through a divorce when it came out. I thought he would be around but after 3 years he was gone. Then at the same time I found out my brother had cancer and realized it also applied to the loss of him.

smartnsexy 3 years ago

GOD!!!!This song speaks to me in soooooo many different ways!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!