AOL Radio's Top 10 P!nk Songs!

AOL Radio's Top 10 P!nk Songs!

AOL Radio picked the Top 10 P!nk songs according to their listeners. Do you agree? What are your Top 10 favorite P!nk songs? Head over to AOL Radio to listen to their Top 10 list and leave yours in the comments!

Click here for AOL Radio's Top 10 P!nk songs and don't forget to pick up "Greatest Hits...So Far!!!" on iTunes

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stefany918 4 years ago

I agree some of my most favorite is not on there although I love them all Smiling When pink first came out I said she was the real thing and here for along time. I have watched her journey and I know that the best is yet to come Smiling

mCe927 4 years ago

im not a fan of the list.
dont get me wrong i love all her songs but there some songs thats should of been on there that werent, which is disappointing. it seems that there wasnt any effort put into this list...on another note, P!nk keep doing what youre doing and show ppl what real talent and what real music is.