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Bid on a P!NK PURSE!

Bid on a P!NK PURSE!

Check out the exciting celebrity auction for Herbie Rocks, an organization to provide medical treatment to ill children all across the globe, hosted by Neil Sanderson from Three Days Grace. You can bid on P!NK Juicy Coutre purse, a signed Justin Timberlake CD, a sweatshirt signed by Kelly Clarkson and more! Bid now for a great cause!

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Bonapartess 6 years ago

If it was actually owned and used by Pink, that would be cool. No matter I've never carried a purse in my entire life much to the amusement and extreme peevement of my friends. You can keep the Timberlake disc and the Clarkson sweatshirt though. Sok. Seriously, it sounds like a fantastic cause and I hope it did well. I'm curious how much was raised.