A Big Day in P!nk History!

A Big Day in P!nk History!

Today marks a big day in P!nk's music history. Both of her albums, I'm Not Dead, released in '06, and Can't Take Me Home, released in '00, dropped on this day! Both smash albums were full of hits - can you name some? What were your favs? Let P!nk know and celebrate this great day of P!nk tunes!

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krystal m 2 years ago

i love all her songs i dont have a favourite because each song individually have there own way in which they connect to me, i love u pink u are such an inspiration, ur songs have made me realise so much in life,made me change for the better, i have listened to all of ur songs over and over again i just cant get enough, i used to be the one who wouldnt say much and was really shy and let people talk me down and make me feel low about myself but now thanks to u i let people know my opinions n i say what ive got to say and sometimes people dont like it but its the truth and the truth does hurt, i have always loved that side of u in which u speak ur mind, and how u are so opened and u love to create conversation, u are amazing the way that u put all ur energy, heart and soul into ur songs i really hope that u come out on tour soon, my biggest dream is to see u live, i really hope that this dream comes true, keep up for great work pink love always xoxoxo

pearljamgirl07 2 years ago

I'm not dead is her best album. My favs songs are Who Knew, U+ur hand, Nobody Knows, Leave me alone(I'm lonely) well I like the entire album.
And about Can't take me home mmm I like most girls, Let me let you to know, Love is such a crazy thing

"I know someday you'll have a beautiful life I know you'll be a star in somebody else's sky"(