Exclusive Photos of P!NK in the Studio

Exclusive Photos of P!NK in the Studio

Not sure if you've heard, but P!nk is currently in the studio!

Need visual proof? Then check out this set of exclusive photos showing her as she writes, sings, tweets and rolls around on the floor in preparation for new music!

You can see the photos now on the pinkspage.com homepage, where they are the featured background! Enjoy.

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Pinkafied 2 years ago

love the new photos!

"have you ever thrown a fist full of glitter in the air?"

camy21 2 years ago

Dear Pink
Last time I saw you was Hawaii Dec 2011 new years eve...We had taken our family to Hawaii and I ran into you in the ladies room. Of course after telling the kids what I would say to you ...I couldn't speak. I ran into your man on the way out...still not speaking....

We had to cancel our first planned take the family to Hawaii because our daughter had gone to her D1 pre season and all of a sudden something was wrong. At age 19 perfectly fit...this is discouraging. and a fight to figure out why...after 2 biopsy's and several blood tests...hodgkins...the good cancer...still a stop breathing moment and a question of why...

When we went to Hawaii she was a few months into a survivor...now 2 years....I wish I had the courage when I saw you to do two things. One tell you to come say Hi to my family. we love your music..We are from Pennsylvania!... and you are great ...never listen to those who love to say dumb things. You were pregnant...and the only thing I had wanted to say was..Mom's are amazing. No matter what your mother or mother n laws say...you are correct and you can feel what you need to know. You looked beautiful that night...You will do an amazing job as a mom no matter what lies ahead...Enjoy, be honest and have fun...laughter is amazing.
If you ever need a break come visit us in Huntingdon Valley pa
Raise your Glass....