"F**kin' Perfect" is Number One!!!

"F**kin' Perfect" is Number One!!!

“F**kin Perfect” is Number 1! Thanks to all of P!nk’s amazing fans (that’s you guys), her new single is the number 1 track on iTunes!

That’s not all though, not only is “F**kin' Perfect” on top, but “Greatest Hits...So Far!!!” is now the number 8 album on iTunes. This is amazing news, so raise a glass for yourselves!

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kate5760 4 years ago

I am 35 years old and the mother to a 16 and 13 year old boy. My 16 year old is having a hard time right now with his father and I am fighting to get them from Florida to Virginia but my ex-husband is fighting it because I am gay. My oldest son is getting to a place in his relationship with his dad that he just wants to end it sometimes because the fight has been so long ( 2 years now) and all he wants is to be with me. His father really does not like him and takes out the anger he has for me on our son. He tells him he is stupid and worthless and all kinds of things like that...anyway, this song is our song because I think my children are amazingly f***ing perfect. I play this song for him alot and I make him feel the words and know that it is how I have always felt about him. Thank you for writing a song that touches me and my children...we will keep up the fight!

Anonymous 4 years ago

when i first heard this song like many of pink's songs hit me straight in my gut all i could see is my amazing little girls face and the dynamics between my relationship w/ my mom and mine w/ my angelina and how i stopped the cycle of abuse its so amazing how someone so little can rock you;r whole world in one second, thats what a lot of pinks songs have done for me!!!! when my dad died in 05 who knew was out i sing that to my dad all the time ty pink w/o yous words some of my best conversations never would of happened..blessed be ;}