"F**kin' Perfect" is Number One!!!

"F**kin' Perfect" is Number One!!!

“F**kin Perfect” is Number 1! Thanks to all of P!nk’s amazing fans (that’s you guys), her new single is the number 1 track on iTunes!

That’s not all though, not only is “F**kin' Perfect” on top, but “Greatest Hits...So Far!!!” is now the number 8 album on iTunes. This is amazing news, so raise a glass for yourselves!

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msynaz 3 years ago

For all the love and joy of your music you have given to us ... back at ya.....two fold!!! F**Kin Perfect is THE best song for all of us that never got to hear those words .......and your new baby will get to grow up hearing! I raise my glass to ya P!NK!! You're da bomb!

dultimate1 3 years ago

I was horrified, heartbroken, amazed and touched by the words and meaning behind this song and I am so glad you shared it with us all in its unedited version. I think it loses a great deal of its meaning and intensity, otherwise. You would have to live it, to know these feelings and you nailed it. I know it will be a catalyst for some and hopefully make people think twice before taking each other for granted or not taking the time to understand one another more deeply. It takes some of us longer than others to reach a greater understanding of ourselves and how unique and important we all our. This is generally due to lack of nuturing and understanding from those that are suposed to be here to protect us... and the cycle brews on. All too often these lessons are never learned or learned too late to pass it along to our children, but you get it and understand it all too "F**kin Perfect"ly well. Just want you to know that your music and you personally are an inspiration to many. May your cup never run dry in any sense of the word. Cheers to you and Cary on your new family....we are all very excited for you both. I hope life is nothing but complete bliss for you both....you deserve it.
Warmest of Fan Hugs