"F**kin' Perfect" is Number One!!!

"F**kin' Perfect" is Number One!!!

“F**kin Perfect” is Number 1! Thanks to all of P!nk’s amazing fans (that’s you guys), her new single is the number 1 track on iTunes!

That’s not all though, not only is “F**kin' Perfect” on top, but “Greatest Hits...So Far!!!” is now the number 8 album on iTunes. This is amazing news, so raise a glass for yourselves!

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Just_Floating 4 years ago

I love this song. I really identify with it, as it has taken me years to finally realize that I'm perfect just the way I am.

AmberLynn 4 years ago

Thank you Pink. Thank you for helping me. Your song "F***ing Perfect" made me cry my heart out... I've never let out my insecurities before... ever... I hurt myself keeping them inside... It helped me save me from myself and gave me the courage to be a braver mother. I never want my daughter or son to be their worst enemy and watching the music video opened my eyes. Thank you. God bless.