"F**kin' Perfect" is Number One!!!

"F**kin' Perfect" is Number One!!!

“F**kin Perfect” is Number 1! Thanks to all of P!nk’s amazing fans (that’s you guys), her new single is the number 1 track on iTunes!

That’s not all though, not only is “F**kin' Perfect” on top, but “Greatest Hits...So Far!!!” is now the number 8 album on iTunes. This is amazing news, so raise a glass for yourselves!

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b-firefly 4 years ago

You did it again! Congrats girl, I caught you on you tube singing Joyful, Joyful. You tore that song up!! I would REALLY love if you would do a gospel album. You've got madd vocals and I'd buy that cd (along with your others) in a second. I LOVE me some good soul stirring gospel!

Brand360 4 years ago

Your albums are the soundtrack of my life. That being said, i must ask you something?

When you charge $75 dollars a sweatshirt at your concerts, how much of that goes to a charity? Also, are they made in the USA? If they are not, you should change that and take a closer look at who handles your affairs??? Now that you are going to be a mother, it is your responsibility to use your life to help others! Our country needs people like you to make a difference!

Sorry if I appear to be rude...remember you are my hero and I will meet you someday! It just makes me so mad, that Justin Bemire got a $5000.00 dollar hair cut when I have a small community living behind my local Walmart, and its 36 degrees outside! When I am famous...I will be calling out Pairis Hilton Posers and make them think about how much good they could be doing! Fine... buy yourself something wonderful, every time you do for you.....you must do for someone else! Do you know how far $5000.00 dollars would go in a homeless shelter????? I do!

Let's do something! ! ! !

Peace Out~