"F**kin' Perfect" is Number One!!!

"F**kin' Perfect" is Number One!!!

“F**kin Perfect” is Number 1! Thanks to all of P!nk’s amazing fans (that’s you guys), her new single is the number 1 track on iTunes!

That’s not all though, not only is “F**kin' Perfect” on top, but “Greatest Hits...So Far!!!” is now the number 8 album on iTunes. This is amazing news, so raise a glass for yourselves!

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CheleAussieMumOf2 4 years ago

Dear Alecia,

Just so you know you've been singing the wrong words to your song, my 5 year old sings loud and proud "Piddley Piddley Pea's, don't you ever ever feeeeeeel, like you're a Turtle, a Turtle".I'm thinking your next cd should be a kids version so you can play it to your own. Eye-wink

On a serious note, as a single parent, over weight and pushing 40, your songs make me feel strong when I am feeling weak, they are cathartic, empowering and the best ones make me smile, laugh and dance around my kitchen with my daughters

You Rock, your only flaw is that you aren't Australian LOL


Skitzochik 4 years ago

Pink - ive listened to ur music most my life and this song f***ing perfect hits home. I've lived in hell my whole life and ive done everything u could possibly do to numb out life and i just recently stopped cutting but its a daily struggle. i dont have much of a support system but i listen to ur song everyday more than probably ten times thank u for being so awesome ur a true person and i love that about u!