Get Your Own Funhouse Mirror Photo

Get Your Own Funhouse Mirror Photo

Ever thought what YOUR photo would look like in a funhouse mirror? Well now you can with the help of P!nk’s Funhouse Mirror! Simply upload your image, choose which you like and add to your profile pages! Check it out now!

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And-e 4 years ago

I doesn't work!......

Benjamin 6 years ago

Wow! Who would have thought Pink actually looks at this website. She's a good worker that Pink. Obviously cares about her fans.

Those dance routines look super complex and hard work so she's obviously a bit of a grafter and got a good head on her shoulders to remember all that stuff. Never bought any of her songs. In all honesty I don't care much for her music but I like her image and she puts on a good show. I bought a Pink calander once, it was a good calander. Money well spent. Some of her tattoos are a bit disturbing.

She needs to work on her music. Avril Lavigne is good at knocking out catchy pop songs. Christina Aguilera has a stupendously strong voice but again sometimes the songs don't make the grade. Quality not quantity is the way forward.

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