Gleek Out! The Warblers do "Raise Your Glass!"

Gleek Out! The Warblers do "Raise Your Glass!"

Raise Your Glass to this P!nk addicts: The Warblers have done their own rendition of P!nk's hit single "Raise Your Glass!" Check out the song on now and tune in to Glee this Tuesday, 3/15, at 8pm EST to watch the episode!

Click here to listen to The Warblers' sing "Raise Your Glass" from Glee!

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Stormsfury2131 4 years ago

The Warblers do a good job on the song, but it's just...missing something....a certain believability? Edge? Something, but as was said before me, it's good for what it is.

Have you ever looked fear in the face, And said I just don't care?

digitaldarla 4 years ago

They did a really good job; I'll give them that. BUT, P!NK does it SO much better; she just has that sexy voice.