Great Press for P!nk's "Funhouse Tour"

Great Press for P!nk's "Funhouse Tour"

The awesome reviews keep rolling in for P!nk's "Funhouse Tour". Check out some highlights below, and make sure to get your tickets now!

“Pink imported her Funhouse tour to the states, bringing a show filled with razzle-dazzle covers and stunts …”

“Pinks’s Funhouse tour lived up to it’s name… no doubt she has moved into the top tier of touring rock acts”
-The Arizona Republic

“… not only one of the best shows I’ve seen all year, it’s among the most invigorating spectacles this decade…”
-OC Register

“She’s a rock star … it is a primal, throat-baring, no-holds-barred sound, and despite all the spectacle, it’s her voice that actually fills the arena”

“During a two-hour, turbo-charged performance at Key Arena, the platinum-blonde powerhouse overshadowed trapeze dancers, huge harlequins, Broadway worthy choreography and a pillow fight, wowing the crowd …”

“The power of P!nk is her ability to channel her pain into her music – you feel what she feels”
-Seattle Times

“She kept fans entertained with her cocksure attitude, a slew of hit songs, and an entourage of trapeze artists, dancers, and clowns.”
-Seattle Weekly

“… the 30 year-old vocalist succeeded in putting on a true pop spectacle …”
-Bay Area News Group

“… one of the best rock shows of the summer season”

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mrsramos76 5 years ago

Your show was awesome first time going to it and i loved it i want to go again to see you but your sold out it was the best ever paid for ticket in my life....will you ever sell a DVD of your Funhouse Tour that would be awesome let us know something.

Love Maria

KyranNick 5 years ago

Went to the Concert in Rosemont last night and it was Amazing. We had a wonderful time and the show was Awesome. P!NK, we have been waiting to see you for 10 years in concert and we had a great time. Come back to Illinois soon!!!!!!!

Love ya and thanks for a wonderful show,

Kyra and Nick