Guest Blog: Andrew Macpherson

Guest Blog: Andrew Macpherson

During the press campaign for Fun House we were booked to shoot a day of press pictures, but the stylist from one of the magazines arrived with the worst selection of clothes we'd ever seen. Nothing fit or looked right, and the mood in the studio was turning dark as we both felt trapped by the ugliness on clothes rack, so I grabbed Pink, and we ran outside to try and figure out what we were going to do.

As we were talking on the sleepy street outside the studio a crazy drag queen suddenly rounded the corner and came stumbling towards us in an obviously inebriated state. She was barely able to stay upright on her seven inch stilettos, and both of us were transfixed by her precarious progress. As she stumbled closer she must have sensed our stares, because she stopped, looked up, did a double take, and let out a wild shriek! "Ohhh my gawd, it's Miss Pink from Philly, right here, I can't believe it!" she drops to her knees trembling with excitement, waving her hands in the air as if she's seen the savior, shouting, "I'm from Philly too, look at us, we misfits, but we true to ourselves, Philly should be proud of us, we break the rules and we do want we want, Philly girls rule Miss Pink, I love you, I love you!"

We couldn't do anything but look at each and laugh, she totally shattered our ugly clothing funk. We helped her back to her feet, Pink signed an autograph for her and she teetered off on her way, still shouting, "I love you Miss Pink!" at the top of her voice.

If ever there was a delightful moment of divine intervention that was it, the afternoon flowed easily, and somehow we got through the hideous clothes in good spirits.

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pink-is-my-life x 2 years ago

Awesome Laughing out loud just put a few cuts in some jeans and youl be fine Laughing out loud you totally gorgeous anyway and i Looove you soo much p!Nk you are my world. xox ill be at your next concert and ill try give u a gift Laughing out loud