Happy "Greatest Hits...So Far!!!" Day!

Happy "Greatest Hits...So Far!!!" Day!

P!nk's "Greatest Hits...So Far!!!' is available today! You can finally get the singer's celebrated collection of hits including "Get The Party Started," "U + Ur Hand" and brand new smash singles "Raise Your Glass" and "F**kin' Perfect."

Click here to buy "Greatest Hits...So Far!!!" direct from P!nk or from iTunes!

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maccrumbs 4 years ago

I love you Pink, but I am kind of disappointed that you didn't include more songs from your first album "Can't Take Me Home." I was hoping that "Most Girls" and You Make Me Sick" were going to be included along with "There You Go" because those two songs were hits too. I know that "Can't Take Me Home" wasn't really your style but that cd was the reason why so many of your fans fell in love with you in the first place (I know I did)! But nonetheless I still love you. Always have, always will! Congrats on the baby! Peace and love!

jessica0308 4 years ago

What a perfect day for this CD to come out! I have been telling everyone that asks that this CD is what I want for my birthday today! You are awesome and an amazing artist...keep on rockin it!