A Message From P!nk

A Message From P!nk

Dudes! Dudettes!

Seriously, I cannot thank you enough for the insane support and love that you've been throwing at me. It's like you just slapped me across the face with a big love slap and I have hand marks to prove it!

Thank you for getting the album, for digging it, for watching all the new shows, and for coming to see me on tour - I can't wait to see all of you! I hope you all are feeling happy about the new music. If anyone doesn't like Kanye you should buy two more albums - just kidding :)

love and bear hugs and big wet kisses xxxxxxxxxxxx

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mikhaelangelo 2 years ago

Congratz Alecia (= u new album is so amazing !
Brazil love u :3

leslichic 2 years ago

Preordered from your website! Bout to jam it while I get ready! Uhem(cough) please come to Nap town(Indy, Indianapolis, IN) I'm so hoping u will get tired of seeing this and get a show booked