New P!nk Album Coming October 28th - Press Release

New P!nk Album Coming October 28th - Press Release

It's official - P!nk is back in a big way. The new single, "So What" will hit your radio waves in early August and will be available digitally mid-August. The new album is set for an October 28th release!

"So What” will premiere on MTV's new show FNMTV in August. Look for P!nk as the guest commentator on FNMTV on July 25th and August 1st.

Get ready for P!nk's big return and an incredible new album!

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cosplay 4 years ago

Well i think that She spent several years as part of the club scene in Philadelphia, singing guest spots and performing for talent shows.

Basha besh 4 years ago

I just love Pink.
She is so live & energetic on stage, with great voice & rocking style.
I will try to purchase her new album, I have been waiting for it for a long time.
Nice to hear that she is back outdoor solar lights as we used to see before.
It's very nice.