New P!nk Album Coming October 28th - Press Release

New P!nk Album Coming October 28th - Press Release

It's official - P!nk is back in a big way. The new single, "So What" will hit your radio waves in early August and will be available digitally mid-August. The new album is set for an October 28th release!

"So What” will premiere on MTV's new show FNMTV in August. Look for P!nk as the guest commentator on FNMTV on July 25th and August 1st.

Get ready for P!nk's big return and an incredible new album!

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MegMickFly01 6 years ago

After I just went through a horriable break up with my fiance cheating with my cousin, I turned to something that once made me happy. Which was listening to your music, I then came upon, Long way to happy and Heartbreaker. Those two songs really hit home. I would go to work and drive home listening to them over and over, screaming out the lyrics. After about 2 weeks of doing this, I can now look at my ex with the look of "So WHAT!!" He's tried to come back into my life and I know that there is sooooo much better men out there for me than this peice of s***. I can't wait for your new CD to come out in October! You have made me a better person and I thank you for that. Helped me threw a tough time in my life and I just want to say keep the music coming and don't let any man get ya down because us girls ARE THE s***!!!

sue316 6 years ago

wooooooooooohoooooooooooooo luv the new single.....cant wait for the album
!!plzzzzzzzzzzz come back to the uk pink very soon, we luv ya..xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxPINK IS BACK!!