New US Tour Dates Announced

New US Tour Dates Announced

P!nk’s Funhouse tour has swept across the globe, breaking attendance records and gathering RAVE reviews all along the way, including over 50 sold out shows in Australia alone!

Now P!nk brings her Funhouse to select US markets!

Part rock show, part club night, part cabaret, part Cirque Du Soleil, the Funhouse tour has to be seen to be believed!

Check out the dates!

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RoseZ at Salmonbeach 5 years ago

Pink, I haven't ever done this before. But you have Inspired me enough, to fly out of Seattle, and go to Australia to see you in Sydney. Noone has inspired me, to appoint of flying out of our country to see a Artist until You came along.
Put in mine, Mind I've Loved Barbra Striesand for most of my life. And then it was Melissa Ethridge. I Love how you Speak your truth through Songs. I'm very expressive, but singing just isn't my thing, unless I'm alone somewhere, and even then my voice is really bad.
I haven't gotten my ticket for your concert yet, I'm waiting to see how long it will take to get my passport, first. I may end up seeing you in July, will see.
I want the best spot to see you, when I get to your concert, in Sydney. I'm willing to pay whatever it costs to be right at the stage, so I can see you.
If you see a women with blond hair, down to earth, Big Smile on my face. Not nearly as wild as you are. I'm kinda of shy in that way. I'll probably be in tee shirt and jeans.
To give you a idea of how, out of my realm I am just taking off the Australia this is the person I am. My life contains, being a social worker during the day, and hanging out in my Lund fishing boat, fishing in the evenings. Of course, I'm usually not alone, my friends love to Salmon fish too. Its Cool. I'm pretty low key.
Pink, the Other thing I Love about you, is that your Politically Aware. My God, a Beautiful Artist, that is Intelligent and Cares about our Country and the World. And Certainly the Animals of the World. There are Angels in this World and certainly you are one of them.
Anyway, I just thought I would let you know, I'm Coming to Australia. And if your wondering, I have never been to Australia. But I Love Adventure, Its all Great!!! See you Soon.

P!nk I'm not great with downloading pictures and I seemed to be taking the picture most of the time. So here is my picture. It's not great, but it's me.

catmaria 5 years ago