Only 24 Hours Left!

Only 24 Hours Left!

Only 24 Hours left to support this film I saw about ending child sex trafficking in America. The 100th person from my Facebook page to give $25+ to the campaign wins an autograph CD of my upcoming album when it’s released.

Step 1: Click here

Step 2: Donate $25+

Step 3: Forward your confirmation email to with PINK in the subject line.

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ljohnson420 2 years ago

I don't know why people out there don't like her new song at least p!nk knows how to write her own lyrics a lot of musicians out there don't even write there own material there just all jealous and aren't true p!nk fans, p!nk and butch walker are amazing songwriters..........

Heike Dinges 2 years ago

not bad not bad P!nk!!! I like your new song! it's awesome...can't wait to hear your complete new album and of course "Willow" she plays the bells and the bass....hahaha...your to funny P!nk...keep it up the f***ing good work!!! always much love from germany from me to you....a truth companion over many many years...Heike xoxo