Pink releases her new single 'Sober'

Pink releases her new single 'Sober'

Pink releases the second single from her hot new album FUNHOUSE

'Sober' exposes a vulnerable side of her personality and offers insight into what makes us tick.

In P!nk’s own words, “…’ Sober’ is a dark, kind of sad song. And it’s about the vices that we choose and I had this idea in my head, ‘Like how do I feel this good sober?...I don’t know it’s just a really, really personal beautiful song, one of my favorites…”

Vote for sober here at ZMonline. or at The Edge.

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i_love_pink_ 5 years ago

this song is the best!!! not onli my fav song on the album ..but its one of my fav songs ever Smiling keep kickin ass p!nk!!

britt 6 years ago

omg Pink this video rules !!
but i have a question; does anyone know who Pinks double is in the video of sober?
love it, love Pink !!