P!nk’s MySpace Karaoke Contest

P!nk’s MySpace Karaoke Contest

Here’s your chance to meet P!nk. Sing your own version of one of P!nk’s songs on MySpace Karaoke and you could win. Check out the full list of prizes and instructions on how to enter the contest. You have until January 20th to enter.

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michelle.adam 6 years ago

hi my name is michelle and i always thought i was ur biggest fan but my 8 year old son absolutly loves u he watches every video u have ever made his favorites r you make me sick and so what! he is 8 he turns 9 on 25 may im am begging u to please send a signed autographaph of urself to him for his birthday i will do anything u want if u can just do this one thing for me i will be there in manchester on sun 26 april supporting u but my son would love me even more if u could do this for me ask of me what u will but please do this for an 8 year old much appreciated michelle adcock forever yours Michelle Adcock 22 Hewart Drive Bury Lancs BL97NF please help me

twilson 6 years ago

Myself and lots and lots of my friends would LOVE FOR PINK TO HAVE CONCERTS IN THE L.A./SAN DIEGO or PALM SPRINGS area in CALIFORNIA the USA!!!!!