P!nk Announces Tour Dates

P!nk Announces Tour Dates

You will be able to catch P!nk live in Glasgow, Aberdeen, Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, Newcastle and London in April and May. P!nk said, "I'm so excited to get back on the road. The 'Funhouse' tour ideas are running rampant in my head. Who knows what they'll come out as.... And I can't wait to see."

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teddytoes 2 years ago

Yea I have fiqured out how to post a comment. Love you so much please come to New Zealand as well as Australia Pretty pretty please Teddytoes xx

MichelleDawn 3 years ago

I would love to take my baby girl to one of your shows...she is 18months old (won't happen...), but since a month old the only thing to calm her down and get her to sleep is listening to P!nk at the comp while I sing along and rock her. Now she does her baby sing along and rocks and sways. My husband (singer/songwriter) has taken a liking to "funhouse" and started playing it at home to get our attention lol.
I rarely go out, with 3 kids at home...but a concert in Vancouver/lower mainland BC. Canada would be the best reason to get out and take a break and let loose.

Your music has helped me vent, laugh,cry, relax and party while I clean around the house, thank you!