P!nk Performing on the Grammy Awards Tonight!

P!nk Performing on the Grammy Awards Tonight!

Don't forget to watch P!nk perform on the Grammy Awards tonight! Tune in to CBS at 8/7c to see if P!nk picks up awards for her two nominations in Best Pop Vocal Album for Funhouse and Best Female Pop Vocal Performance for Sober. Go P!nk!

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Leggs 4 years ago

P!nk, You are such a REAL woman and I love that about you! I grew up a lot like you. I have yet to see you live but that is my biggest dream. To finally meet the woman who has sang and said the things I always felt... Thanks for keepin it real and being my inspiration through this s***ty world we all live in.. I'm a single mother of boys and they all sing to your music and I love it. Your great P!nk and I will b your biggest fan till the day the good Lord takes me!!

deborah posky 4 years ago

There are no words to describe that performance! Only a deep sigh from my soul.