P!nk Sends Letter To Fans

P!nk Sends Letter To Fans

Last week P!nk gave us something very special - a letter to her fans! Not only has P!nk been hard at work as a new mom but she's also been hitting the studio, recording new music. Click here to read P!nk's touching letter!

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Josie Brewster 2 years ago

I love all of your albums and can't wait for this new one! I really hope you are going to be touring in Canada! Your fans here love you and there tonns of us! Keep up the great work.

rachi 2 years ago

i jus like to say that listenin to Pink inspired me to start singing it is when i first found my voice and Pink still inspires me to carry on this Goal. I believe she is tha most positive influential women of the day!! A strong women she speaks her mind and is not afraid of being herself and no one else also a very Funny person, It is Lush to see all these amazing traits in one Lady Smiling Big Up Pink!! Thankyou for the great inspiration which has helped mould myself in the women that i am today!!