P!nk Sends Letter To Fans

P!nk Sends Letter To Fans

Last week P!nk gave us something very special - a letter to her fans! Not only has P!nk been hard at work as a new mom but she's also been hitting the studio, recording new music. Click here to read P!nk's touching letter!

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slyrosee 2 years ago

More then likely you your self will never read this but I had to put it any way!Who knows if lucky by chance it will reach you.....I just got the latest CD & love it of course!Every I mean every song is as if its my life word for word I hope one day to be able to see you live!Thank you

lost soul

AllaneZ 2 years ago

Yayy!!! Can't wait for the next album P!nk
Looking forward Smiling

P!nk Rockssssssssss!!!!!