P!nk + Spongebob - "We Got Scurvy"

P!nk + Spongebob - "We Got Scurvy"

A while back we told you that the one-and-only P!nk would be on Spongebob’s 10 Year Anniversary Special. Well in case you missed it, here is a promo from the event, and its genius. Without further ado, we give you a new classic by P!nk...”We Got Scurvy"

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alliance 4 years ago

I think the video touched on some sensitive topics. employee benefits

SleepingBeUT 5 years ago

I enjoyed your music when hearing it played on the radio. I always thought you stood out from other artists. BUT....after watching your performance on the Grammy's the other night...I will respect your talent FOREVER. Pink....you are SO talented and beautiful. You blew everyone else out of the water Sunday night. I'm sure you knew you would create a buzz from your performance and probably knew it would be memorable...but OMG. I've been telling (or showing) everone I've had contact with since Sunday that you SO totally stole the show and how awesome your performance was. Taylor Swift should be crawling into a hole right now.