P!nk is The World's Most Underrated Superstar

P!nk is The World's Most Underrated Superstar

MTV.com breaks down how Pink is the “World’s Most Underrated Pop Star”. Check out a video explanation below, and check out the column here.

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hzcy 4 years ago

Quality is everything, so we need to ensure that there are values on what we are sharing to keep our subscribers interested. Getting them annoyed is one thing we must note do!

jojo-downunder 5 years ago

Wow ! So p!nk is under rated ! p!nk fans world wide have known for a long time how awesome she is. It seems maybe that the people responsible for giving said recognition are just slow at giving it to her. She is an amazingly talented artist who also has an honesty about her that fans can relate to. Her 58 shows in Australia this year shattered all records (and 35 in 2007). You don't do that unless you are amazing and that our p!nk sure is. ABOUT TIME !