"Raise Your Glass" on Glee Tonight!

"Raise Your Glass" on Glee Tonight!

You heard it last Friday on Billboard.com, but now is your chance to hear The Warblers do "Raise Your Glass" live on Glee! Tune in tonight at 8pm EST on Fox to watch Glee! If you haven't heard The Warblers' rendition of "Raise Your Glass" yet, click here!

For all of you P!nk fans who are Gleeks (who isn't!), head over to Tinychat to discuss the show LIVE with fellow Gleeks at 8pm EST!

What did you think of The Warblers' "Raise Your Glass?" Tell us in the comments!

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Johnfuhouse 3 years ago

If pink can read this that would b amazing xD
Well mayb the glee cast asl u 4 use the songs
Ciz the song is amazing
Or mayb cuz max martin give 2 new songs 4 the glee cAst
N he ask u 4 use it as the compettition
N i really like it
I mean u r the best
N im the #1 fan in mx

Juggalette_Nicole 3 years ago

i thought glee did a good job of covering the song however nothing compares to the original