Release Regarding P!nk's Canceled Athens Show

Release Regarding P!nk's Canceled Athens Show

Hot Beez would like to address the audience regarding the reason for P!nk’s cancellation at the Fly BEEyond Festival. Even though she was in Greece, she was not able to perform due to health reasons. She was visited by a doctor at her hotel, and was diagnosed with Gastroenteritis. Her situation got progressively worse during the day, and the show in Athens was canceled just hours before P!nk was set to go on stage per her doctor’s orders to not perform. Hot Beez would like to inform the ticket holders that they will be able to cash their tickets by showing the ticket fragment that they hold, from Monday 23 of July until Thursday 31 of August from ticketnet’s office (46 Kifisias avenue – Ampelokipi, 11526, 1st floor. Telephone numbers +30 211 10 86 060). The ticket holders will be served from 9:00 until 21:00 during the period of 07/23/07 to 07/27/07 and from 10:00 to 20:00 during the period of 07/28/07 to 08/31/07. For further information, visit or call Ticketnet at 211 10 86 060.

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Enough said.
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"And y'all thought p!nk didn't know what she was doin' ... she's a self contained unit!"
'nuff said.

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